Here’s what a former client has written about the experience of therapy for anxiety:

“Working with Dr. Franklin has been transformational and such a blessing. Her knowledge base and ability to convey information in a way that is practical, down-to-earth and accessible in everyday life has been invaluable to me. In each session, I could feel her sincere compassion and care as I opened up about parts of myself that were not always easy to acknowledge. She offered a perfect blend of humor, empathy, candor, professionalism and authenticity. Even though my treatment with Dr. Franklin has ended, I can still hear her voice in my mind, and she’s now a helpful, positive influence within me forever. I hold deep deep gratitude for Dr. Franklin.”

Here’s what a former client has written about the experience of therapy for back pain (a functional medical problem):

“I contacted Dr. Franklin because I had been suffering from excruciating back pain for over a year and a half. After consulting numerous medical doctors and undergoing various conventional treatments, none of which had any beneficial effect, I read some books on mind-body disorders and started to explore the possibility that the pain could be psychosomatic. Dr. Franklin, who is highly specialized in this area, helped me to further understand the link between my emotions, the unpleasant ones, and physical symptoms. She helped me to explore each area of my life and to think very honestly about how I really felt about everything, and this made me realize that I was generally very anxious, that I thought about things far too much, sometimes without even realizing how much anxiety I was feeling. I thought it would be challenging to talk about my feelings and personal life, but Dr. Franklin was so incredibly understanding and approachable that I felt at ease straight away. A simple but highly effective tool that she taught me was mindfulness meditation, and this is what enabled me to slow down the fast flow of thoughts constantly passing through my mind. I began to see things more clearly and to analyze my thoughts with objectivity, as if they belonged to another person, which helped me to minimize and simplify certain problems. In a short time, my mind was calmer and my physical symptoms were 98% gone and still improving, which for me is miraculous after the pain I was in for so long. With Dr. Franklin’s help I have learned that although we cannot always change the people and things in our lives, we can change our approach to them and our state of mind. This has been the most valuable lesson of my life.”

Here’s what a former client has written about the experience of therapy for trauma:

“Over the one and a half years I worked with Dr. Franklin I saw tremendous changes in my life. To me, she’s more of a teacher/coach then an analyst. And that has been incredibly helpful for me. I entered therapy for a very specific reason: facing the consequences of childhood trauma. Dr. Franklin is incredible at understanding and relating to emotional pain. And she has a tremendous gift to take people by the hand and guide them out of a life that is overshadowed by fear and pain, regardless of what their source is. She led me towards making peace with my past and releasing its power over the choices I make in my present life. At this point, I feel like actually living MY life, rather than acting out the consequences of unhappy circumstances. While working my way through a very specific issue Dr. Franklin taught me universal, simple “tools” that have enabled me to face any crisis that might lie ahead. I like how Dr. Franklin, through constant encouragement, taught me how to answer more and more questions for myself. Her greatest gift to me has been to teach me how to access and trust my own resources.”

Here is what a former actor-client has written about working with me in psychotherapy:

“Fellow actors, Dr. Jennifer Franklin is the bright, shiny light that led me out of the dark tunnel of depression and career doldrums. She is truly the best of both worlds: a therapist for you AND for “your actor.” Her extensive research on the psychology of acting, coupled with her on-going work with actors, gives her a real-world understanding and empathy for the challenges we face (frequent rejections, criticisms of our work, nervousness in the audition room, how to deal with unsupportive family and friends who don’t support our career path, etc). Simply put: she “gets” us. Dr. Franklin allowed me to see things about myself that I had never seen before, enabled me to address important issues and, finally, helped me chart a course that led me to greater professional fulfillment—my booking ratio is higher since I started seeing her—and more happiness in my personal life. Best of all: she accomplished this without prescription drugs, new-age mumbo-jumbo or eccentric religious tactics.”

Here’s what a former student of mine has to say about mindfulness meditation:

“Meditation has given me perspective on my own life. I can slow down and listen to my thoughts and my body from a place so deep inside that it feels like I’m on the outside looking in. I look at myself with detachment that frees me from my own harsh critic. Put another way, it allows my thoughts to just come and I accept them as they are, without judgment, as if I were listening to a friend. This is an incredibly powerful tool. I understand my motivations, both positive and negative, so much more clearly than I did before.”